Join a network of schools and nonprofits that feed Kentucky kids 365 days a year. 

What programs feed kids? 

There are 2 primary program in Kentucky that feed kids during the out-of-school time. The first, called Child and Adult Care Food Program At-Risk Afterschool Meals or CACFP, is for feeding children supper meals during the school year. The other main program, The Summer Food Service Program or SFSP, feeds children up to 2 meals a day during the summer months. Both programs reimburses providers who serve free healthy meals to children and teens in low-income areas. Click here for more information about the reimbursement.

Who feeds kids after school and during the summertime? 

CACFP and SFSP are both federally-funded and administered by the Kentucky Department of Education. Schools and nonprofits feed our communities after school and when the school year ends. These organizations are called sponsors. Sponsors enter into agreements with the Department of Education to run the program. Schools, local government agencies, camps, faith-based and other non-profit community organizations that have the ability to manage a food service program may be a sponsors. Sponsors get reimbursed by the Program and may manage multiple sites.

Where are the meals served? 

Sites are places in the community where children receive meals in a safe and supervised environment. Sites may be located in a variety of settings, including schools, parks, community centers, health clinics, hospitals, apartment complexes, and churches. Sites work directly with sponsors.

 How can my organization feed children? 

Contact the Kentucky Department of Education to see if you can become a sponsor or site that serves meals to kids. They will help to see if you are located in an eligible area that can serve summer meals and connect you with a sponsor organization. Interested in feeding kids supper during the school year? Contact Elizabeth Fiehler. Interested in feeding kids during the summertime? Contact Cathy Gallagher.

Can my organization feed kids during the school year and summer? 

The Summer Food Service Program and Child and Adult Care Food Program At-Risk Afterschool Meals component naturally complement each other. KY Kids Eat encourages all eligible sponsors to feed children during the school year and summertime. Keep in mind, these are 2 separate programs and you must be separately approved for each program by the Department of Education. To understand the difference between the two programs, see here.

I don’t think my organization can be a sponsor or a site. How can I help?

Many sponsors and sites are looking for community partners, volunteers, and funding. Contact Kate McDonald to support a sponsor or site in your area.